Rekindle your Calm-charm

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10 suggestions to help you have a great work week- part 2

The seventh thing. At lunchtime, see if you can bring your favorite light lunch. When you eat a good meal, you feel good. Treat one of your coworkers out to lunch or make it a group lunch. Have lunch with your spouse, family member, or out-of-work friend. Be with someone you can talk with at lunchtime, have a good time, and relax. If you’re not able to do that, just go for a nice walk, get some fresh air, do some deep breathing. Listen to nice music.

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10 suggestions to help you have a great work week

Wouldn’t it be great for you to walk into work on Monday morning feeling happy that you’re there and more at ease? Not that you walk in wondering which coworker was going to get on your nerves first? Wouldn’t it be nice to go to work feeling the way you feel if you were coming to work on a Friday? When its Friday, you feel happy, you are smiling, and you have got a pep in your step.


Here are 10 suggestions that you can use that will help you have a great work week.

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