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So many of us are demotivated to achieve anything. Such people are not enthusiastic about anything. They don’t want to work towards any goal. Nothing motivates them to work. Why many of us are not motivated? What is wrong?

We think in different ways and our thinking is decided by many factors. Some are known and some are unknown. The known factors are – thinking, circumstances. early upbringing, living style, culture, family support, friends, own intelligence etc. Our thoughts and our mental makeup is also decided by many factors that are yet not known. Two persons of similar upbringing may be facing similar situation,

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Myself John Doe 28 year old. I was born in Canada. I do designs and coding with passionate and like of creative fieds like designs graphic designing, branding, photography, html, php and wordpress etc. Web is wife now become of part of my wife. Now, I’m work in a firm a become project photography manager and take care of web related all work. I like creativy, quality and uniqueness.... view work

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I love watching Dr. Gorman’s live videos! They’re so helpful and fun! If I’m having a bad day at work I remember some of the steps to follow and they really work! Love the breathing exercises and I enjoy walking even more now that I know all the benefits of doing it! Thanks Dr. G! 

- Jeannette

It has been an up-lifting experience to watch your videos in the last few months, on how to get above work stress. I just can’t wait for next Sunday to hear more and to learn more on how to leave a stress-free life both at work and at home. It is evident that every normal human being experience stress; this is even more evident in a very demanding workplace where people deal not only with their work loads, but also demanding supervisors and unsatisfied customers. Knowing that there are simple relaxation techniques that can help to alleviate stress has been an overwhelming experience. Dr. Gorman, not only has the knowledge but also, she has personally experienced work stress. Thank you Dr. Deitrick G. I can’t wait to watch you this coming Sunday. Your subscriber, Kasaly

- Kasaly

I have attended one of Dr. Gorman’s lectures and enjoy her live streams on social media. She is very engaging and love her personality. Always educational and informative.

- Eva
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