Destress at work

How to Destress at Work When You Can’t Take a Break


We are supposed to have a break when we are working….right?  This is a time to recharge, relax, use the restroom, just get our thoughts together.  We look forward to taking that lunch break, that walk or that mini escape from the job.


But the reality of it is, is that we don’t always get that break.


Many jobs out there don’t have scheduled breaks and they just have to keep it moving. This can definitely add to your stress.


I want to share with you 5 ways you can take a break if you can’t take a break.


1. Use the restroom. This one is really non-negotiable. You have to use the restroom. You just have to. Your body is telling you that you have to eliminate. Listen to it. Unless there is a life or death situation right now, please don’t hold it.  When you hold it, it increases your anxiety, you just can’t think straight.  Now while you are in the restroom for ever how long, take five deep breaths. Cherish this alone time, forever how short.



2. Look at your watch to count down the time. More than likely if you are unable take a break that means you are very busy right? A lot of the time, time flies and before you know it, it may be close to getting ready to be done for the day. So take a look at your watch to see how much longer you have until you can go home and be with your loved ones, or pets or out with friends. Give your self a smile by looking forward to doing something when it’s time to leave work.



3. Close your door. If you have an office and it’s time for your break and you still need to get things done. Doing something a simple as shutting your door for a lunch can help. You can “close off” the outside for the time being. This is what I do the most.  I turn on my music too when I can.



4. Talk to yourself

  • Say your positive affirmations in your mind.
  • Say a couple of your goals in your mind, to keep you motivated and focused.


5. Last and most important, no matter what you are doing… take deep breaths. This is designed to help calm your mind, calm your breathing, decrease anxiety and help you reset.


Bonus idea: Stretch


1. Right where you are drop your head towards your chest and stretch those neck muscles.


2.  Raise both your arms over your head and reach for the ceiling.


3. Twist at your waist side to side and bend.


4. Lift your legs one at a time or do some lunges.


I encourage you to try these suggestions the next time you’re unable to take a break at work.


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Relax Well!

Dr. Deitrick