One of my favorite ways to relax is visiting a spa. From the calm environment to the amazing services such as massage therapy, spas have always been a special place for me.


As life gets busy, it’s sometimes difficult to find the time to head to a spa for some self-care time. But did you know there are ways you can bring the spa home to you?


Here are some suggestions for turning your bathroom, no matter the size, to your oasis!



  1. Maybe a day or two before, clean and declutter your restroom. This will make a huge difference. Walking into a clean, fresh smelling, neat and tidy bathroom is the beginning of your relaxation experience. Take the time to organize your make up, toiletries, etc. Investing time in this endeavor will further promote your relaxation experience. When your surroundings are chaotic and messy, this impacts your ability to find your calm.
  2. Put fresh sheets on the bed. After enjoying your at home spa experience, you’ll love the feel of a clean bed.
  3. Grab your favorite clean relaxation clothing, or sleepwear that you feel most comfortable in.
  4. If you have children, please see if another adult can watch them, so you can cherish this self-time uninterrupted, or if you have older children, please ask them to respect this quiet time.
  5. Get your products together, if you are going to take a bath, gather bubble bath or bath salts, or a bath bomb. If you are going to take a shower, try some new shower salts or shower bath bombs to place on the floor of your shower to release wonderful scents.
  • Bring in your essential oil that you love for relaxation.
  • Be mindful that your scents match or complement one another as unpleasant odors can be very distracting.
  1. You want to bring in a drink, tea, water, whatever you like that you want to drink. If in the tub, grab a fun snack like dark chocolate
  2. If you are feeling extra fancy bring in a small plant, when you look at it to feel happy.
  3. Bring in a candle – especially if you will dim the lights.
  4. Finally bring in your source of music. I recommend listening to either easy instrumental, spa music, easy jazz or music from your birth decade or the next decade. You know when you hear your oldies you feel so good to listen to it. Earth Wind and Fire, Bee Gee’s, Stevie Wonder, Barry Manilow, yes I said it, 80’s, R and B – something that will make you smile. Just make sure it’s mellow.


Ok so now the time has come!


To begin, plug your sink and fill it with water and then add a few drops of an essential oil to aromatize the room. Start taking your deep breaths, and of course don’t let the water over flow.


(Side note: be sure to use the restroom before your spa time begins as you don’t want an interruption!)


Next, start your bath water or get the shower going. You don’t want to get into freezing water.


Add a few crystals on the floor before you get in to get the shower or bath. (For many, crystals have been shown to have a positive effect.)


Then just get in and enjoy yourself, just imagine your stress and tension just leaving your body. Nothing else matters at this point except you and your relaxation. Do your deep breathing, positive visualizations! Start releasing tension stored in your muscles.


I recommend setting this time where you know you can take your time, because you can get lost in there. You may want to set an alarm that when it goes off, its not jarring, but just a signal to start wrapping it up.


As you enjoy your home-based spa, you may consider some long-term ideas:

  • Consider upgrading your bathroom if it works for your budget. Or give it a fresh coat of paint.
  • Upgrade your towels and/or bathrobe, slippers or sleepwear.
  • Refresh with a new shower curtain or add floor mats.
  • Simple changes such as an improved showerhead can also create a more pleasant experience (while saving water!).
  • Add a nice plant.


I encourage you to try this at-home spa experience as it’s a great way to practice self-care and reduce stress.


Relax Well!