Wouldn’t it be great for you to walk into work on Monday morning feeling happy that you’re there and more at ease? Not that you walk in wondering which coworker was going to get on your nerves first? Wouldn’t it be nice to go to work feeling the way you feel if you were coming to work on a Friday? When it’s Friday, you feel happy, you are smiling, and you have got a pep in your step.


Here are 10 suggestions that you can use that will help you have a great work week.

The first one occurs the day before you go to work. When you are done with your work day, I want you to leave yourself a little sticky note, put it on your computer screen or put it on your desk or your chair, some place where you know that you’ll have to see it when you come in the next day. It’s just a reminder to yourself that you’re grateful that you’re at work, that you’re doing an awesome job, that you’re a great person, just something that can make you smile, even a little joke, something that will make laugh. Just to get the day started on a good note.


The second thing will occur the evening before you go to work as well. Please, get good night’s sleep. If you can get six to eight hours of sleep, that would be great. When you wake up, you feel refreshed and invigorated and ready to get going.


The third thing is to wake up with gratitude in your heart. Grateful that you even woke up. Grateful that you have a job. Grateful for having a roof over your head. Whatever you are grateful for acknowledge it.


Number four. Wake up just a little bit early, so that you can exercise, pray or meditate. This will help release some of those feel good hormones as you are getting ready for your day. If you can incorporate a little bit of exercise, meditation or prayer before you go to work, it will get you motivated to get going, help you focus, and lift your mood. If you’re not able to go out and physically exercise, just pray or meditate. You will benefit.


Number five. As you are preparing to go to work at home, or traveling to work, listen to some nice music; music that you really love to hear., a song that you know, that you can sing to. We all have that song that we like to play in our head. A song that makes us feel good, when we hear it. It will place you in a great mood. It really will make a big difference on how you start your work day because you will have a positive attitude when you arrive. Do it EACH day!


Number six. Make a conscious effort to go to work happy. Be determined that you are going to have a great day at work. You walk into that door with the expectation that THIS day will be great. Attitudes are contagious. For example, suppose you walk into work with a bad attitude; no smile on your face, no “good morning” the first person you interact with, is likely to “catch it”. They will have an attitude too, then; the next person they see is going to get one and so forth. It’s just like catching a cold. But, when you start the day off, greeting your co-workers with a, “Good morning.”  “Happy Monday,” you will contribute to a positive work atmosphere. Just walk in with the intention of having a great day. Please, don’t start the day off with a bad attitude. It helps nothing.


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I am Dr. Deitrick L. Gorman, your board-certified Family Practice Physician and I help individuals who are stressed at work learn to relax and refocus in order to have a more healthy, productive and full-filled live.


Relax Well!

Dr. Deitrick