Dr Deitrick - Gratitude

What are you grateful for? I know there is a lot going on these days, and I imagine you have much to think about during these crazy times. But I would like for you to take a few moments just to focus on gratitude.


I realize there are many not-so-good things going on in the world. But think about it – it could always be worse. To give some perspective, remember that your ‘bad’ day could actually be someone else’s ‘good’ day. Even if your days are not the best lately, there’s still an opportunity to practice gratitude. Find in your heart that something or someone that you’re truly grateful for.


Also, remember that you’re learning, you’re growing, and most likely, gaining new perspectives. These developments are definitely something to be grateful for!


Have you ever just thought about jotting things down? This would include writing down what you’re truly grateful for – whether it’s simple notes or journaling. This is something that you can reflect upon when you may have one of your not-so-good days, and give you the chance to cherish that memory. This alone may lift your spirits and give you another opportunity to be grateful.


Some studies show that people who feel gratitude are often happier and experience less stress and anxiety. Every day presents the chance to practice feeling grateful. Why not give it a try? Relax Well!