Dr Deitrick reduce stress


While many of us truly enjoy our work, sometimes aspects of our job can lead to stress and frustration. Here are three of my top suggestions to better manage stress at work:


1) Breathe – Breathing is the cornerstone of reducing stress. When you take a deep breath, it activates your parasympathetic nervous system which controls your rest, relax, and digestive response. When the parasympathetic nervous system is in a dominant state, you will start to feel calm as it tells your brain “you are safe.” Even if it’s for just 30 seconds, deep breathing will make a positive impact and help you to feel more calm.


2 ) Declutter Your Work Space – Organizing your work space will help you to focus, prevent you from wasting time in finding things, and will help you to alleviate stress. Keeping your work area free from clutter can also help promote creativity and productivity. If possible, try to straighten up your desk before heading home so you can start the next day feeling organized and ready to go.


3) “Mind Your Mind” – When I reference “mind your mind” I’m encouraging you to keep things in perspective and stay focused on the tasks at hand while at work. When you leave for the day, do your best to leave the work behind you. It’s also incredibly helpful to ensure you stay positive, be mindful of your responsibilities, and refrain from becoming involved in any office drama. When you leave work, release any negative energy you may be feeling and “keep work at work.” The opportunity to re-set and recharge will help you to enjoy your evening and will position you for success the following day.


Relax Well!


Dr. Deitrick