Relaxation Health Benefits

Why It’s Important to Make time for Relaxation – It Benefits Your Health!


Most of us realize that we need to do a better job in reducing our stress levels. But as we juggle multiple responsibilities in our daily lives and strive to stay on top of our never-ending “to do” lists, our thoughts of self-care frequently fall by the wayside.


As a board certified family medicine doctor, I have a solid understanding of the negative effects of chronic, unmanaged stress. From depression to poor digestion, the impact of stress can take its toll.


On the flip side, there are many benefits when you devote attention to reducing your anxiety and focus on healthy behaviors leading to a more calm approach to life.


A few examples include:

Physical Effects:
-Decreased blood pressure
-Decrease heart rate
-Decrease breathing rate
-Improved digestion
-Improved blood sugar control
-Improved blood flow
-Decreased pain
-Improved healing


Mental Benefits:
-A better attitude
-Improved concentration
-Decreased anger
-Decreased frustration
-Improved confidence


These are just a few ways that incorporating more relaxation in your life can enable you to make significant improvements, both mentally and physically. The next time you avoid allowing yourself to take a much needed break, I encourage you to think of the many positive outcomes you’ll enjoy by practicing self-care and finding your ‘calm.’


Your mind and body will thank you!


Relax well!