Give from the heart

Give From the Heart – No or Low Cost Gift Ideas


The holidays are here. It’s a time of year for giving thanks, feeling good, doing good for others and having a good time.


But many people often find this time of year stressful and this often stems from overextending themselves by purchasing gifts. Trying to decide what to give, and how much to spend can create anxiety rather than joy.


Here are some suggestions for gifts for your cherished loved ones, including close friends and family.


Create something from your heart to give. 


One thing I can recommend is a coupon book. Some of you may remember creating these when you were young. So fun to make. You can even make a special one for your spouse (spice it up!).


Create a coupon book where the person tears off the coupon and receives that special ‘gift.’


Some gift ideas include:
– A foot massage or back rub
– Remote Control “master” for the day
– A dinner out or take out
– Game night
– Wash their car
– Breakfast in bed
– Do a load of laundry for them


It can literally be what ever you want – You can even put an expiration date. It’s really fun to make and to give!



Create a special scrapbook with memories that are meaningful to the person. For example, if you have an older or adult child, you can put together select photos, letters, artwork and other mementos for them to enjoy for years to come.


Homemade Craft

If you are a crafty person, create a gift by knitting something, making a piece of jewelry, use a craft or painting kit. A handcrafted gift is always appreciated.


Write a letter
Write a letter to a friend or loved one telling them exactly how you feel about them, or something you remember about them such as how you met or a funny moment that you shared.


Give an Experience
Give the gift of information, transformation or education. Enroll in an online class together (it can be a free class), or give a book that changed your life with a note sharing how it affected you. Share a favorite recipe and make it for them. Offer to go on a weekly walk together as part of a New Year’s resolution. There are many possibilities!


In my opinion, the holidays should be about loved ones, showing love and gratitude, and sharing gifts as a token of appreciation and kindness.  The holidays shouldn’t be stressful. I hope this gift idea list will inspire you to approach the holidays a little differently this year.


Giving physical gifts is perfectly fine, but should not define how much you care about someone. Giving from the heart is all that matters. Happy Holidays and Relax Well!