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In this day that we are living in, things are not only very stressful, but seem to move very fast. We barely have time to think, and when we do, we have to do it quickly. But when we have to think quickly, sometimes mistakes are made, feelings get hurt or we can make poor choices.


Even in the midst of a fast-paced situation, if you can take the time to calm your mind, you can improve the quality of your life.


So  what do I mean by that? What do I mean by the phrase A calm mind is a receptive mind?


Let’s break statement down.

To me, ‘calm’ means relaxed, tranquil/quiet, non-chaotic.



‘Receptive’ means to be open, capable of receiving.


In my humble opinion when your mind is calm, it is open and receptive to many things and possibilities.


What things can a calm mind be open or receptive to?  A few examples:

  • Learning
  • Thinking
  • Ideas
  • Love
  • Problem solving / resolution
  • Listening
  • Compromise
  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Effective communication


Have you noticed that when you’re in an argument with someone and you are on the defensive, do you notice that while you hear the person speaking, you may not actually be ‘listening’ to what they are saying? When in a blocked or defensive mode, we typically don’t listen and we’re not receptive to others’ thoughts.


In addition, when we have fleeting thoughts, are feeling inpatient or are generally feeling angry, we don’t have the ability to think clearly. This leads us to sometimes make errors and poor decisions.


But if you can find a way to shut that down all that mind chatter, to calm your mind, and be open to listening to another point of view and even if you don’t agree, that disagreement will be based on clear thinking and not just rush to judgment and condemnation.


How do you calm your mind especially when you are in an acute situation?  Here are five suggestions:



  1. If I’ve said it one I’ll say it 1 million times – BREATHE. There is something about taking in deep breaths and blowing out frustration, anxiety, chatter, fear all of those negative and non-productive feelings out.
  2. Guided meditation – think of something you love and focus only on that. Channel this love. Think of peace harmony, contentment, happiness, no worry, calm. Smile if you have to. But activate those feel good hormones!
  3. Talk to yourself, even if it’s out loud, calm yourself down. I don’t mean in a creepy way, but for example when I am nervous I say something like: Deitrick – You can do this, Deitrick – you are fine, Deitrick – just breath. Or if you have a favorite scripture or saying that calms you down, you should speak it. Use positive affirmations.
  4. Look at something that you are curious about. When you look at something out of curiosity, all of your attention focuses on that particular thing. And when your attention becomes focused, your mind cannot think about the stressful thoughts that cause you to feel stressed. So your mind relaxes and in return relaxes your body.
  5. Practice Gratitude – When you take a brief moment to be thankful for who you are at this time, where you are, what you may have in your life, there isn’t another way to go except to be calm.  Even if you are catching it right now. Take a moment to be grateful for what you do have. It can be worse. Even though it may not seem like it. It really can be.  But find something grateful to be about.  Write down 5 things on a paper. When you aren’t feeling particularly well or grateful. Look at it and remind yourself, you do have something to be grateful for.


To summarize:


To help calm your mind:

  1. Breath
  2. Meditate
  3. Talk to yourself
  4. Look at something you are curious about, right now
  5. Practice Gratitude

I hope some of these suggestions will be helpful to you and relay the importance of trying to have a clear and calm mind.  These are just a few.  Try to be conscious  of your thoughts.  Your thoughts are powerful. When your mind tries to take you to a place of disorder, anxiety, chaos, fear, remember that thoughts and actions coming from that state of mental being, and they are not productive nor do they make your mind receptive.  Do your best to calm your mind.  Please remember a CALM mind is a Receptive Mind.