Walk through Fear Blog

How many of ya’ll out there feel that you aren’t fully living your life because you are scared?  What are you scared of?


Are you scared of failure? Are you scared of being judged? Are you scared of rejection? Are you scared to go back to school because you feel you’re too old? Afraid to wear certain clothes? Are you scared to give a presentation because you may stumble over your words?


Worse yet, are you scared to succeed?  There are people out there who are scared to succeed, consciously or subconsciously. Because after they succeed, then what? Their goal may be reached. They won’t know what to do or to how to fully step into their success.  So because of that, they may not move forward.


Some people get comfortable with the struggle, with the complaining about not making it, with the lack, because it gives them something to talk about, about how they want to succeed. But deep down they are scared.


So many of us are not living our full potential or experiencing all the wonderful things that living can offer.


Because of fear.


Let’s look at this from a different perspective. If you fail, look at the experience you gain:

  • If you are rejected, there could be a different and better opportunity waiting for you.
  • If you make a mistake giving a presentation, we’ll join the club! People will still enjoy your presentation and content!


Walking through fear is all about building your life’s story.


Imagine this: You’re toward the end of your life and someone asks ‘How was it?’ Do you say “It was fine but I was too scared to get out of my comfort zone?” Or do you say, “Wow! I pushed myself outside my comfort zone and had some amazing experiences!”


Try your best to overcome your fears. As many will tell you, their biggest regrets are the things they didn’t do and not the things they did. Start today and boldly walk through your fears!


Relax Well.